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Practice What I Preach August 26, 2012

Posted by Gordon Brock in faith.

I’ve been ministering to a brother for a while about his faith, and how to trust God in all circumstances. He’s dealing with his flesh and emotions being stronger than his faith, and his circumstances are wreaking havoc in his life. Then the test came for me, and I failed miserably.
As I headed out to go to the bank, I had placed my cellphone wallet on the top of the van to walk over to the mailbox before leaving. I got the mail, came back to the van, opened the door, dropped the mail in the passenger seat, and headed to the bank. When I got to the bank, I reached for my wallet, and there was only mail in the seat. I then realized that I had left it on top the van. Hopefully, it fell off in the driveway…. I drove home, looking around the street as I went. I got home, looked around the driveway and street, and felt desperation as it was no where to be found.
My phone, my license, my credit cards, oh the horror of this being missing! I began to panic. I drove back up to the bank, searching the street as I went, looking for the point where it fell off the car. I’m frantic, I’m scared, I’m nervous, I’m multiple emotions all at once, and I’m freaking out. Back at the bank, and no wallet anywhere. I get back home and remember ‘find my iPhone’ in iCloud. So I go online, and it says my phone is in the Cal Fitness parking lot, which is nowhere on the route I took to the bank! Someone has my wallet! I’m shaky, and still freaking out. I text my phone and ask the person to call me. I call the phone, and some one answers, I tell them they have my phone and I want it back, they deny having my phone and told me what number I dialed. That’s not my phone number! My number is…is….I can’t remember my number, I’m too freaked out! I apologize and hang up I borrow My daughter’s phone and drive up to Cal Fit, I’m going to call my phone when I get there and listen for the ringing, as the Find My iPhone did a pretty good job of pinpointing the location. When I get there and go to dial my phone, her phone is pass coded and I don’t know the code! I walk the parking lot looking for suspicious activity with a cell phone and wallet….nothing.
I get back home, check the location of the phone again, and it’s still at Cal Fit. While I’m deciding to go back up there, my wife calls and says someone with my phone called her phone and left a message. She gives me the phone number to call him. I call the number, and the recording says it’s been disconnected. Why would this guy call and give a phone number that’s bogus? I’m still freaking out, and it’s going on about an hour or so now. I have Katie call Denise back while we are driving to Cal Fit, to recheck the phone number. Right number. Now the person is calling Denise back and telling her he will meet us at the park a block from our house. We drive back and wait at the park. The guy arrives and I get my phone and wallet and thank the guy profusely.
I had allowed my emotions to take over and dictate my actions through the entire ordeal. I was sick to my stomach, exhausted, trembling, and relieved. When I got to the point of thanking Abba for the safe return of my wallet, I believe the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about my lack of faith. I had not practiced the same trust in the Father as I had been preaching to my friend. At no point did I take the situation to the foot of the cross and wait for instructions from on high. I did not have God’s peace, I did not have clarity or sound mind. I was not exhibiting any fruits of the Spirit, I was relying completely on my flesh. The thing that really struck my heart was that Abba was faithful, even when I wasn’t. He already had my back, and I could have avoided the whole trauma if I would have gone to him in the first place. Oh what a hard lesson.
The Spirit reminded me of a verse that Abba gave me many years ago, and it appears I need to go back and reflect on it from time to time. May this encourage you, dear reader; the verse is Proverbs 3:5,6.



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