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Struggles in the flesh February 13, 2011

Posted by Gordon Brock in Uncategorized.

The gospels tell us that Jesus got up early in the morning and went out to spend time with His father. I have heard this turned into a biblical mandate to ‘wake early and do your devotionals’ or the like. I am not one to buy into doctrine that just because Jesus did something in the bible that we must do it too. Devotional time with the Lord should be based on whatever time works best for you and Jesus. It’s all about intimacy and relationship, and strengthening that relationship should be the focus and motivation, not whether you do it when Jesus did it.
But, when Abba asks you in the Spirit to wake early and spend time with Him, should you? Heck ya-a!! Now, I’m talking to myself here…Abba has placed on my heart to wake early and have intimacy with him…yet I am struggling real hard with this. What I am struggling with is my ability to wake up in the morning, not whether I should be waking up early. As the alarm goes off, I lie in bed thinking about more sleep, reflecting on sitting on the couch with my bible while trying to connect with the Lord. Its hard to read, hard to worship, hard to pray, when I would rather be asleep. So it goes in my mind, and the flesh wins as I roll over and fall back asleep.
A couple years ago, I used to wake up early and spend time with Jesus. I had a vision of a coming new breakthrough, a new dimension of spiritual life, and getting intimate with Him was going to be the catalyst to bring it about. I was fearful of this unknown new life, and I struggled with getting up early based on that fear. That devotional time lead to this journey of organic christianity that I am presently engaged in. Now I believe Abba is prompting me for another new deeper understanding of Him, and again intimacy and devotion time is the key. At this point I do not feel fearful of what’s to come, but something in my flesh is fighting against the Spirit and I struggle to get up. I even let my mind tell me that God isn’t really asking me to get up with Him, that it’s all in my head. But I’ve heard this call before, had this prompting before, and made it a habit before. I know what the benefits are, know how special the intimacy can be, and truly want all that the Father has.
Lord, help me to obey, help in this struggle, for the Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.



1. mastonehill - February 13, 2011

Glad to see the new post. Intimacy with the Father is number one. Timing doesn’t matter a bit. Doing it matters. Consistently and with expectation of a loving Father speaking to me.

2. Gordon Brock - February 13, 2011

You are right that “doing it” is important, and consistency is important, but in my case, timing does matter, as I am convicted that He is asking me specifically to wake early and be with Him, and my flesh is fighting against it. That is my point. Tho it’s not a mandate from scripture to wake early just because Jesus did, it is something to obey when the Father specifically asks you to wake early and be with Him, as he had for me. We discussed this in fellowship this morning, and how the bigger picture becomes, ‘how will I have faith and obedience to raise the dead, if I can’t even have the obedience to wake up early for Him’. The Father has His reasons for asking this of me and I need to deny the flesh to strengthen the Spirit.

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