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I was sick and Jesus didn’t heal me! July 10, 2010

Posted by Gordon Brock in Uncategorized.

Yay Jesus!


I was sick since Tuesday (today is Saturday), had some bad stomach flu or something….diarrhea, debilitating headache, and spent about 48 hours in bed rest. By Friday I was feeling about 75% normal. By today, I was able to spend the day shopping with my wife, eating real food, and having an almost normal bathroom break. Thank Jesus that it appears to be over.
So the thought might come to one’s mind, if you’re such a spiritual guy, why didn’t Jesus heal you of this right away? Did you not have enough faith that He could heal you? Did you ask Him?
Well, no, I didn’t ask Him, though I have plenty of faith that He coulda, if He wished to, and woulda if it pleased His purposes. But I know that I live in a fallen, sinful, mortal body, which is susceptible to invasion by virus and bacteria, that will make it malfunction. And I also know that the ominous Creator built inside the ability for the body to repair itself. When my head ached and my bowels created a stew, the body was saying, “malfunction! Shut down! Repair mode!” My bowel movements kept me hiding in my own house, and my headaches kept me down in bed. Meanwhile, the self-repairing agents in the body went to work. Did I like going through the illness, of course not. I don’t want to do it again real soon, thank you very much. But did I plead with Jesus to heal me now and remove my pain? No, cuz God had already been there, when he created in me the ability to repair and recover, so why shouldn’t I just let my body do what it needs to do naturally?
Lord knows I don’t need a testimony of ‘instant healing’ to my flesh, because that might only distract from my testimony of a living Spirit of God inside me, who is to be greater than my soul or my flesh, who is to consume me to the point that Jesus is already my ‘all in all’, where I praise God in all situations, sickness and in health, in want or in abundance. I think of Jesus sittin’ there saying, “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden…” (showing my age now?), because technically, He did heal me, as part of the creator Godhead, he gave the body it’s repair-ability.
Thanks for sharing my thoughts, and may you be “snuggled all up in your beds while visions of bowel-stew dance in your heads”….heehee, I kill me!



1. Anonymous - July 11, 2010

Perhaps that is why my back took so long to get better. God knows what he is doing. We just need to let him.

2. Glen - September 1, 2010

Thank you for the dancing “bowel-stew” vision. I think I’ll go lay down now. Glade you got better were & able to be here last Sunday.

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