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Dry Spell? May 19, 2010

Posted by Gordon Brock in Uncategorized.

I just realized it has been many months since I have posted something. I haven’t had nuggets of wisdom for a while….is God not talking to me? Is he not teaching me new things? Perhaps I am expecting profound life changing things, and not looking at the everyday things that God is doing.
For instance, I just had to have my car taken in on 2 occasions for 2 different repairs, the first one was $5000, the second one was $700. Now, we are doing OK financially, but not so well that we have the tune of 5700 dollars just lying around. I ended up selling some stock to pay the $5000 bill, and will possibly sell more for the $700 bill. But, we were faithful to pray and seek the Lord, and put Him in charge during the financial trial. Thank Him that I have Apple employee stock to draw on for emergencies such as this. On top of that, I received a Service Coupon in email from the dealership the DAY the car was finished with the $700 repair. Their 12% off coupon saved us $91. That there was a nice ‘God thing’.
We recently blessed many of my family members financially; my oldest brother, my sister, and my younger brother. They were in need, at different times for different reasons, and we had the means to assist them, so we did. In my flesh, I would want to say, “It’s not fair, God! We were faithful to hearing You, and gave to needs. We are now suppose to be blessed 10-fold, not suffering financial distress!!” But my Spirit knows better, and knows that our blessing for obeying is not repaid in the natural world, but in the Spiritual world. The Word tells us we have all Spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus. We are storing up treasures in heaven by obeying, not seeking rewards or earthly blessing. All this shall pass away. God already has our best interest at heart, He already loves us more than the birds of the air or the lilies of the field, He is already our Jehova Jira, and none of that is dependent upon my giving or blessing others. So I ‘count it all joy’ to suffer trials, for the building of my faith. Even though the car is frustrating me, even thought it cost a bit of money and anxiety, God is still God, and I am still to focus on building the Kingdom and making Jesus central and supreme in my life.
Amen, Lord



1. Bitdog - May 19, 2010

It is awesome to see men of God, give God the glory. Maybe you should have consulted with Him before you bought the bug? 🙂

In His Grip, ✞

2. Gordon Brock - May 19, 2010

Interesting comment, bro…wondering what gave the impression that we hadn’t? The Bug was purchased 6 years ago, and we always take major purchases to the Lord first. It just has 4 years to go on our ’10 year vehicle purchase plan’ but ended up costing us extra money before it’s time.

3. Caleb - May 20, 2010

Sometimes God places financial hardships in our lives to remind us to trust in Him to provide for our daily needs. When things are too easy and comfortable, we forget His grace and give ourselves praise for the abundant life He has given.

I have no doubt that you will draw closer to Him in tougher times. This is what He desires.

Our Father always provides manna for His children. We just have trouble realizing it sometimes.

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