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Frank Viola’s next book September 1, 2009

Posted by Gordon Brock in Uncategorized.

Today, Tuesday the 1st, Frank Viola’s next book goes on sale on Amazon. This is book number 5 in his series on investigating New Testament based church life. I have not read the book yet, but have ordered my copies. If you order today from Amazon, at a nice discount, it will raise his book up the hit list and more people will know about it. If you are not quite familiar with all 4 of his previous books on the subject, they are;

The Untold Story of The New Testament Church
Pagan Christianity?
Re-imagining Church
From Eternity to Here

Here is the link on Amazon:


Here’s an early review of the book:

“The author of “Pagan Christianity?” (with George Barna), “Reimagining Church,” and the bestselling “From Eternity to Here” has written a detailed manual on how to start and sustain an organic church. Everything from what to do with the children, to the developmental stages of church growth, to the diseases of an organic church and their cures are all covered in this comprehensive volume. Church planting principles for organic styled churches are packed together with the author’s practical experience of living in and starting such churches. Each chapter is full of advice, outlining the unique problems that such churches will face and their solutions. Church planters of all types will benefit from this book as well as those wishing to explore an alternative way of church gathering.” – Christian Book Reviews, 2009



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